Dubbo Stampede – A Running Festival for Everyone

The 2017 Dubbo Stampede has come to a wrap. This year, beyond all previous, the Stampede really was an event for everyone.

A unique event in regional Australia with flat, fast courses ranging from the wheelchair, pusher and family friendly 5.3km lap around the zoo and 10km. A half-marathon and marathon distance along the pretty river bank path. We love supporting local events and more so, family friendly events that show off our local area. Since the inception of the Dubbo Stampede, we have participated in all of the distances (except the marathon) with the running pusher.

There are times that we are terribly proud of our local community. This weekend is one of them. When the Dubbo community gets something right. They really get it right. The Dubbo Stampede is a fabulous example of a dedicated working committee, great sponsors, an ideal location and ‘can do’ attitude.

Months ago, our friend, Bek, asked a simple question. Could someone in a wheelchair participate in the 5.3km ‘Fun Run’ event?

The committee returned with news that ultimately bought Bek to tears. Not only, yes. But, with the support of Ability Links, a new event would be included in the race schedule. The inaugural 5.3km Wallaby Wheel.

Wallaby Wheel 2017 3
The inaugural Wallaby Wheel 2017

A first for inland Australia, the Wallaby Wheel has its focus on participation. Although there might be a future for the event to develop into a ‘serious’ race. For now, the inclusivity of the event is what matters.

More of Bek’s story can be found in this fabulous article done by the Dubbo Daily Liberal in the countdown to the Dubbo Stampede, Dubbo Stampede: Sisters are doin’ it for themselves.

Dubbo Stampede Photographer Bek Cramp Finish
Photo Credit Dubbo Stampede

The Cranky Files, E, B, X and XS, have had the privilege of supporting our friend, Bek, along with her partner, Janis, to line up for the inaugural Wallaby Wheel. We look forward to being there for many more adventures.

Wallaby Wheel 2017 4
Bek and Janis at the start line. Because everyone should have a zebra to run with them.
Wallaby Wheel 2017
Bek collecting her second place trophy beside first place, Ashleigh McKeown

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