My German kitchen helper

I have a Thermomix.  There.  I’ve said it.  It’s out there. I’m not a devotee but, I quite like it as a kitchen contraption. When I got it, I was the easiest sale.  I didn’t want a dinner or a lunch (yes I had to jump through that hoop but, hey…).  DHB and I had agreed that we could make use of it. I wasn’t using any number of good quality kitchen gadgets but, if they all rolled into one…that could be a different story.  I also figured that if the best cook I knew, and the worst cook I knew both had one and produced yummy, technical food (sometimes quickly) then I could probably make good use of one.

We’re not a DF, EF, GF, FODMAP, V, anything particular household. If we were pushed to apply a label, I’d say we lean towards whole foods.  We try to approach food with balance.  We like flavour.  We like to use lots of vegetables, eat ethically (as much as we can) and support local producers.  It’s nothing fancy but, it does take that extra bit of organising if we’re going to the fruit and vegie shop, the butcher and ‘Scoop‘ before going to the major chain supermarket to find anything we haven’t been able to source.  We have a preference for local cafes who make their own cakes and support local growers. It’s amazing how many cafes don’t bake their own cakes and sweets when you start asking.

I’m not for one moment suggesting that DSX and DSS eat everything that is put in front of them.  Far from it.  At the  moment, DSX is in what we refer to as his ‘possibly Paleo protocol’.  Rice crackers, cheese toasties, carrots, apples, ‘pink’ milk , gnocchi and porridge (not all at once).  Oh, and chocolate.  Always room for chocolate. I think that’s on the balanced side of nutritious? If Uma is involved, he helps pour things in, tells me when she goes ‘ding’ and is fastidious that no-one go near when the red light is on.

We splurge. Yes, the boys are known to have hot chippies sometimes (however, a certain international hamburger chain is known as ‘Emergency Coffee’ or, when we’re travelling, ‘Emergency Playground’).  We don’t drink soft drinks. The first person to tell my boys that there is anything other than soda water or ginger cordial is struck off the Christmas card list.  Stat. DSX favourite take away is sushi train.  On average, four plates of salmon ngiri to himself no less. DSS has a taste for ebi rolls and baby avocado.


The June has been tricky.  ‘Uma’, my Thermi, has come to the fore.  She has made dinner two or three nights a week.  We’ve eaten left overs for a couple of nights and a night of indulgence if we had the chance.  I’ve been able to menu plan and get some extra meals into the freezer for the nights that I’m running late or just plain tired from a day of to-ing and fro-ing.  DHB and I aren’t bad cooks but, it is easier to point at a recipe and know when ‘Rat Hour’ strikes dinner will still make its way to the table.  I’ve said it before, when it comes to cooking, I’m lazy. But not lazy enough that I don’t want to take the time to produce food from scratch.


I’ve been able to whizz up rollie pollies and muesli bar log to keep snacking small people satisfied.  We did a foccacia when we all just needed jam on toast.  I would never have made breads in the past.  We were able to blitz a batch of oranges for fresh juice, a layered tuna and corn casserole, a mushroom heavy stroganoff, a tweaked Jamie O chicken cacciatore, laksa from scratch and middle eastern hot pot.  We got to have a night remembering that bad Murgh Makhani DHB had in Agra whilst enjoying an anglicised version of butter chicken, vegetable korma with naan and poppadoms.  All things that could be achieved without Uma but, she just made it easier.



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