Welcome to The Cranky Files

Welcome to The Cranky Files

Copy of Cranky

No it’s not  a place of agony aunts, of stodgy old men regaling
all and sundry of ‘ the good ol’days’.  When thinking of ‘ cranky’ this is not the domain of a grumpy, ill-tempered and irritable family (unless referring to my aged father, of course).   The boys might describe me as periodically grumpy but, I’d like to think I’m not always frowning and  I do my utmost not to yell (unless imminent danger is presented) so I’m not the cause of the ‘cranky’.

‘Cranky’ is our caravan.  As named by DSX when he was nigh on 2 years old.  Initially, we agreed.  ‘A couple of weeks cooped up in that thing and we’ll all be cranky’ quipped DHB, at the time thinking this caravan phase was just that, a phase.  But time has mellowed that view and instead, Cranky time is our Happy time.

A misnomer of the highest order.

And so, a blog.  a record of anecdotes, observations, recipes, travels and breaking free.  This is the journey (for want of an original description) of our little family.  Our highs might not be too high, our lows not too low but our in-betweens are just magic!

Come run away with us as we discover our normal.



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